plate of sandwiches

Healthy Eating at Work

As we all know, our clients often need quick, easy, tasty recipes that they can fit into their busy day. Lack of time in the mornings can mean that lunch at work is a sandwich or plate of chips grabbed from the work canteen, or a slice of their work colleague’s birthday cake – or whatever…

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an array of meat from the farm shop

Buying Organic

Last week, I made a decision. I was in the supermarket, doing my weekly shop and looking at the offers on chicken. As I was looking through the packs, I was shocked at the poor quality meat. It looked weak, watery and plain unhealthy! Not how chicken should look. I felt quite repulsed as I…

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printed recipe books

Serve Your Clients

I’ve been thinking a lot these last few days about the motives behind what I do. I launched Fitpro Recipes with my husband Alan, in 2012. At the time, Alan was working as a tutor on a Personal Training course. As well as working in this role, he was still working with personal training clients. From…

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What Supp: All about protein

In our What Supp series, we are going to be covering a variety of supplements on the market, and recommending our favourites, so that you can help your clients choose the right supplements for them. It’s an area that often causes a great deal of confusion, so we’ve tried to simplify things as best we can!…

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a pack of organic coffee


What gets us going in the morning? Coffee! We love coffee and always start our day with a cup. Studies show that caffeine provides mental and physical performance benefits (1) which is why it can be beneficial to have a cup in the morning before we start something which requires mental alertness or physical effort,…

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omega 3 fish oil

Are Supplements A Waste Of Money?

“Researchers warned people to stay clear of supplements, which are taken by one in three people in Britain.” – Telegraph Online. We’ll make this a quick one, because we do not like to ramble on. Feel free to add your comments. We are very open to different views and would like to hear yours. 1.)…

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Introducing the Fitpro Recipe 7 Day Meal Plan

Having your own healthy recipe book as a PT can be very beneficial to both your clients and your business. Our 7 Day Meal Plan goes one step further by helping your clients follow a tailored plan which hits the optimum percentages of fats, proteins, and carbs…ideal for a safe and steady rate of fat…

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a plate of pancakes topped with berries

Pancake Recipes for your Clients

We would like to share some healthy and delicious pancake recipes with you! Feel free to share these recipes with your clients. Just click on this link and follow the instructions to download the 3 pancake recipes. We hope you and your clients enjoy these recipes. Do share your thoughts below! Wishing you Health and Happiness…

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protein heaven bars fresh out of the oven

Protein Heaven Bars

Here’s a quick and easy healthy snack recipe for you to share with your clients. First, check out our very short video and see for yourself how easy this recipe is to make! Next, feel free to copy and paste the recipe below and send to your clients.  Protein Heaven Energy Bars Ingredients: 20g crushed…

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a packet of stevia

A Healthy Approach to Sugar

There’s an awful lot of negativity in the media about sugar at the moment. The media are pretty good at getting people emotional about topics (or are people just good at getting emotional?) This “emotional knowledge” causes many people to label things as “bad” or “good”. Remember eggs in the 1980’s? People are still scared to eat…

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