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What gets us going in the morning? Coffee!

We love coffee and always start our day with a cup. Studies show that caffeine provides mental and physical performance benefits (1) which is why it can be beneficial to have a cup in the morning before we start something which requires mental alertness or physical effort, such as going to the gym.

We use 100% organic fair trade coffee – which is free from chemical pesticides, and better for the environment. Organic coffee is high in nutrients, as it is farmed in rich fertile soil (due to good crop rotation). It is also high in antioxidants.

If you prefer your coffee decaf, again organic is more preferable to non organic. No chemicals are used during processing – instead water is used to remove the caffeine content from the coffee beans.

When consuming coffee:

  • Consume other beverages throughout the day too. e.g plenty of water
  • Don’t count on coffee as your main source of antioxidants. Eat plenty of vegetables too!

One reason that the safety and benefits of coffee is difficult to measure, is because different people react differently to it. It’s not ideal for everyone – especially people who are slow metabolisers, as their bodies do not process caffeine very well. If you feel jittery, anxious, and over stimulated after drinking coffee, then it’s probably not ideal for you (or only in very small amounts).

People who are fast metabolisers on the other hand often seem to gain more benefits from drinking coffee, and feel boosted and energised after a cup.

Decide for yourself if coffee is right for you. How do you feel a few hours after a cup?

If you feel as though you are relying on coffee to get you through the day, reduce your caffeine intake slowly by introducing decaf coffee and keep reducing your caffeine consumption gradually.

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