Working Remotely

Work from home a lot? Here are my Top Tips for Working Remotely 1. ROUTINE… establish one! One of the most difficult things about working remotely is defining a routine. Unless we are strict with separating work life and home life, evenings and weekends can soon blur into one big ugly mass. And remember, working more…

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Image of high energy snack containing prunes, dusted with cocoa powder

Prune Energy Bites Recipe

I’d like to share a fantastic chocolate recipe with you. I created this recipe because I wanted to come up with something indulgent and delicious which people can enjoy without the guilt. The result…? An intense hit of prune and cocoa, perfect as a quick treat any time,  to satisfy a sweet craving – or after…

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plate of sandwiches

Healthy Eating at Work

As we all know, our clients often need quick, easy, tasty recipes that they can fit into their busy day. Lack of time in the mornings can mean that lunch at work is a sandwich or plate of chips grabbed from the work canteen, or a slice of their work colleague’s birthday cake – or whatever…

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an array of meat from the farm shop

Buying Organic

Last week, I made a decision. I was in the supermarket, doing my weekly shop and looking at the offers on chicken. As I was looking through the packs, I was shocked at the poor quality meat. It looked weak, watery and plain unhealthy! Not how chicken should look. I felt quite repulsed as I…

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