October News


It’s been a busy few months for us, here at Fitpro Recipes.

In August we launched our monthly membership service to PTs, providing smaller batches of recipes each month in the form of branded recipe pdfs and videos. Seems to be proving a hit, and we’re really pleased with the great feedback we’ve been getting already.

If you’re interested in joining our membership scheme, check your email tomorrow for more details on membership options. There’s still time to sign up in time for the November batch 🙂

Other BIG news…

So, exactly four weeks to go until our daughter is due… not that we’ll be expecting a timely arrival. If she takes after her dad, she won’t be keeping an eye on the time at all and will probably be late. Or if she takes after me, she’ll be early and wondering why she didn’t just chill for a bit longer!

I have to say it’s been a good pregnancy so far. I’ve tried not to make too many changes to my work mode, as I’m the sort of person who thrives on keeping busy. But I’ve been listening for my body’s signals when it’s time to slow the pace (hard to ignore actually!).

I’ve been learning natal hypnotherapy for the last 8 weeks which I’ve found very beneficial, encouraging me to take regular time out to focus on my thoughts and breathing. It’s helped me to look forward to the incredible process of labour, rather than freak out about it. Empowering stuff! (http://www.happybirth.uk)

I’ve tried to keep fairly active with gym sessions each week, just lowering the intensity as time has gone on, plus I’ve been learning some pre-natal pilates. I’ve definitely kept very mobile throughout the pregnancy and I do believe that my activity levels have played an important part in this.

Now I’m in the last month, I am finding the lack of lung space the most challenging thing, and feeling out of breath even when I’m sat still has been a little uncomfortable!

Since Alan and I tend to veer towards healthier foods most of the time, I have maintained a consistent diet through the months. I can’t say I’ve experienced any of the weird cravings many pregnant women get, although I was hammering the Marmite for some time!

Business at Fitpro Recipes will continue as normal, although understandably I will be taking a bit more of a back seat for a few weeks when she arrives! Let’s hope our daughter loves cooking as much as us… we’ll be needing some extra help as Fitpro Recipes continues to grow 🙂

Some celebrations…

While my waistline has been expanding, someone else’s has been shrinking!

After a good few months of dieting and consistent training, Alan recently took to the stage for the first time this year.

First up was Birmingham PCA on 11th October – where he bagged 1st place in the Muscle Physique category. I can’t tell you how proud I was of his result. Alan was over the moon too, of course.

He enjoyed a few good meals the next day – but focused on getting plenty of nourishment in the system without looking for excuses to binge and go too crazy.

Then it was back to work to prepare for a second event the following weekend… the York UKUP on the 17th October.

After a last minute decision to enter a second category and a quick scramble to find some theme wear, in which he rocked up on stage as a Beach Gangsta (don’t ask!!), he came home with 3 x 1st place category trophies and 1 overall trophy.


I was gutted not to have been there to celebrate his success – and see him in his theme wear 😉

Thankfully his brother Liam kept him company, and sent me regular text updates to keep me in the loop!

We’ve actually got a carpenter coming in on Wednesday to put up some shelves for us – all those lovely trophies need a home!

And it’s not over yet…

On the 7th November, Alan will be going to the UKUP Finals in Stoke, followed by the WBFF in London on the 14th… now I won’t be missing those!

I will need to make sure I don’t get too excited though!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been supporting Alan on social media recently, it’s been amazing to see so many people get behind him.

We are looking forward to the next few weeks in so many ways.

Have a great weekend

Naomi and Alan

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