Dial in your PT clients' nutrition and add an extra income stream to your PT business... in next to no time!

Every Personal Trainer knows that good nutrition is critical when it comes to helping clients achieve great results.

Our range of fully branded done-for-you nutrition resources will help you get your clients the results they deserve, so that they stay with you longer and rave about you to their friends!

...Saving you a heap of time and energy coaching nutrition to your clients.

...Whilst helping you generate more income.

    Now perhaps you feel frustrated right now because you're not providing your clients with the nutrition tools they need.

    We get it.

    There's so much to consider...

    There's the cost, time, energy and skills involved in writing and creating nutrition resources of your own.

    And perhaps you're unsure how to market your nutrition resources or integrate them into your business?

    Now imagine this...

    Your very own high quality nutrition resources working for you in your PT biz right now...

    Helping you generate more income - without working more hours!

    And no technical wizardry required!! 🪄

    Looked what happened when Dan plugged our nutrition resources into his fitness biz...

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    Are you ready to gain control of your business and join the ranks of 1000's of PTs who are 'cleaning up' right now?

    👋🏼 Wave goodbye to...

    • Clients struggling to get good results even though they're training their asses off!
    • Losing clients to your competition (who can cater for their clients' nutrition needs)
    • Swapping your precious time for money with no room to grow
    • Getting swamped in tasks that drain you

    😃 Say hello to...

    • Clients who get great results whilst enjoying their food
    • Happy clients who stay with you for longer AND rave about you to their mates
    • A scalable business and more financial security
    • More time for you to do the things that excite you

    Who are Fitpro Recipes?

    Alan Carson is a personal trainer and keen bodybuilder. He is a certifed Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) and likes to stay up to date with the latest nutrition science. Alan founded Fitpro Recipes with Naomi in 2012 after realising that nutrition was a common stumbling block for personal training clients.

    A graphic designer and experienced chef with over 15 years experience working for world leading food and diet companies, Naomi Carson knows how to bring your recipe book to life.

    "We have combined our knowledge and passion for food, fitness and design to bring our Fitpro Recipe products to you."


    Flagship PT Client Nutrition Support

    👍 Fresh content every month.

    👍 Fully branded to your fitness business.

    👍 Lifetime license to share or sell the products.

    👍 No fuss cancellation policy.

    What's included:

    PLUS some really cool bonuses...

    Every month, you'll receive:

    Marketing material toolkit

    Royalty free recipe images for your social media and webpages

    • Market your nutrition services or use as social media content
    • High quality content for your membership platform (if you have one)
    • Exclusive content for your facebook members group
    • Integrate with your email autoresponder

    AND in month one, you'll also receive...

    3D graphics (branded recipe book, educational guide and videos)

    • Perfect for promoting your nutrition services

    A free phone consultation to help you get set up!

    PLUS A free pdf copy of our 'How to Implement the PT Client Nutrition Support' ebook

    • Lots of ideas showing you simple ways to implement each resource
    • Case studies and insights from our existing PT clients to help you hit the ground running and get the most from your nutrition materials

    Take a sneak peak inside one of our recipe ebooks...

    Click on the bottom right icon (diagonal up/down arrows) above, to increase the book size.

    Check out some video recipe examples...

    Videos will be branded to your business with your logo

    Flagship PT Client Nutrition Support

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    Pay Monthly £65 p/mth

    (worth over £120)

    No fuss cancellation - only 1 month's notice required

    Annual £495

    (normal price £780)

    A one off payment (no automatic renewal)

    How it works

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