Thanks for ordering your Lead Generator.

The videos below include instructions for integrating your recipe book webpages with your Email Service Provider.

Please watch each video carefully as this will ensure a smooth service ūüôā

1. Compressing (Zipping) Your Recipe Book & Uploading to Amazon S3

Please note: You will need to upgrade to get our 100 recipe book. Ignore any reference to
the 100 recipe book in this video and just follow the instructions for the 21 recipe book.

2. Obtaining Your Webform Code

Please set the url for the Thank You Page to: or

e.g. if your website url is then your url will be:

Please copy the webform HTML code directly from your email service provider, paste it directly into an email and send to

3. Uploading Your Webpages To Your Website

Please note: You will only need to upload 2 pages not 4:
21freerecipes.html and 21recipedownload.html

You only need to watch video up to 2:20:00