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Instagram Recipe Reels!

If you're familiar with Instagram, you'll know that Reels are all the rage right now!

And the stats are very exciting...

Instagram Reels have been shown to receive a 22% higher engagement rate, compared to regular video content and can help you significantly grow your fan base and reach new users.

The more people you reach with your reels, the higher your chances that follower count and engagement rate will grow.

And so, Reels are a great way for you to grow your business and build a community on Instagram.

The power of recipe videos

✅  Recipe demo videos are a great way to help build cooking confidence.

✅  The overhead camera angle is empowering, placing the viewer in the position of the cook.

✅ Watching recipe videos can give people the same dopamine hit as seeing food in real life, making them highly entertaining and captivating.

Help inspire people to fall in love with healthy eating, without them going on a diet.

But here's the crux...

The quality of digital recipe videos just gets better and better all the time.

People have limited attention spans...

... so recipes MUST look appetising, well presented and STAND OUT!

And we understand that time is of the essence for you....

So, do you really want to block out hours of your week to create Recipe Reels?

Or invest in expensive equipment and props to ensure your work is of the highest calibre?

We can help you look like a recipe pro in no time!

🪄No technical wizardry required!

😌 Super easy to implement

👍 Training included


Right now there aren't many Fit Pros posting high quality recipe videos on Instagram...

(or recipe videos of any quality, come to think of it!!)

So here's a golden opportunity for you to...

✨ Build know, like and trust

✨ Boost your professionalism

✨ Stand out from the crowd

✨ Increase engagement

✨ Grow your audience

Here's exactly what you'll get with our Done-For-You Instagram Recipe Reels service...

  • 4 x Premium Quality Instagram Recipe Reels (MP4s)
  • Supplied ready-captioned (or you can add your own)
  • Maximum 1 minute duration
  • Delicious, healthy, easy recipes
  • Calorie and macro breakdowns
  • Word doc recipe swipe files

Recipes available in UK / USA / AUSTRALIAN conversions

Also Included:

Royalty Free Recipe Images

✅ Use these freely to promote your nutrition services

✅ Eye-catching social media content

Branded Reel Cover Images

✅ A cover image with your logo added which you can add to each reel

Word doc swipe files

✅ Written recipe – ready to copy and paste into your instagram reel post

✅ Use to share recipes outside of Instagram - eg blogs, facebook, email

Short & Simple Training Videos

✅ How to save Instagram Reels files to your phone

✅ How to create an Instagram Reel post and add captions/music

Secure your place below – Limited Spaces available...

(Available strictly on a first come first served basis)

Instagram Recipe Reels

Join now:

PAY MONTHLY: £39 p/mth

A monthly recurring payment.

Fuss Free cancellation policy (one month's notice required).


A one time up-front payment.

No recurring payments taken.

How it Works:

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Terms of Use

Of course, when we supply you with an Instagram Reel, the intention is that you will use these in your business. However, you will also understand that those contents that we have provided represent the culmination of our hard work and are very valuable to us.

We also understand that we have certain obligations in respect of any content that you supply for inclusion in the products we supply to you. The limitations on how we can each use and share each other’s intellectual property is therefore explained here:

The content of the products we sell to you which is not Your Content (referred to below as “Our Content”)

Our Content owned by us. This includes our recipes, recipe titles, logos, photographs, text, videos etc. 

You only have permission to use Our Content as follows:

You may not rebrand or edit or amend our Instagram Reels in any way, other than to add your own captions to the ‘uncaptioned’ reels.

You may add your own music to the reels. it is your responsibilty to ensure you have the rights to use your chosen music. 

You may not use Our Content to create other products with the intention of supplying or using them for commercial gain. 

Further, you must not authorise anyone else to do any of these things.

Your rights to use Our Content are personal to you and cannot be transferred to anyone else without our written consent. This may involve the payment of an additional fee to us.


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