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How to find trending audio on Instagram - Part 1

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How to find trending audio on Instagram - Part 2

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How to upload your reel in Instagram

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Terms of Use

Of course, when we supply you with an Instagram Reel, the intention is that you will use these in your business. However, you will also understand that those contents that we have provided represent the culmination of our hard work and are very valuable to us.

We also understand that we have certain obligations in respect of any content that you supply for inclusion in the products we supply to you. The limitations on how we can each use and share each other’s intellectual property is therefore explained here:

The content of the products we sell to you which is not Your Content (referred to below as “Our Content”)

Our Content owned by us. This includes our recipes, recipe titles, logos, photographs, text, videos etc. 

You only have permission to use Our Content as follows:

You may not rebrand or edit or amend our Instagram Reels in any way, other than to add your own captions to the ‘uncaptioned’ reels.

You may add your own music to the reels. it is your responsibilty to ensure you have the rights to use your chosen music. 

You may not use Our Content to create other products with the intention of supplying or using them for commercial gain. 

Further, you must not authorise anyone else to do any of these things.

Your rights to use Our Content are personal to you and cannot be transferred to anyone else without our written consent. This may involve the payment of an additional fee to us.


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