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Any Of This Sound Familiar...?

Your clients associate healthy eating with restrictive, boring food?

Your clients are pushed for time and need quick, easy, tasty options?

Your clients feel they are missing out by making healthy choices?

Your clients don't know how to flavour foods so they taste great?

Do You Find...

  • You're spending too much time replying to clients individually
  • You're often going over the same basic stuff with your clients
  • Your clients are confused due to mixed messages from the media
  • Your clients skip meals because they say that they don't have time
  • Your clients are eating refined carbs and lacking in protein & healthy fats

How Do We Know This?

Because these are the exact phrases we keep hearing!

We know this because we’ve conducted surveys with both PT’s & clients, and these challenges are coming up time and time again.

If you’re nodding your head, it’s because these problems are extremely common
in the fitness industry. You're not alone!

For clients who struggle to see the quick results that they want, it’s nearly always
down to their diet
, and not our training sessions and plans.

All Of This Can Be Very Frustrating For You And Your Clients!

If You Can Relate To Any Of This, We Have A Unique Solution

The easy way to help your clients fall in love with healthy eating...

Our fully branded recipe books solve your clients' nutrition dilemmas...

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“The cook book looks fantastic. I’ve had some awesome feedback about the recipes. It has answered the prayers of so many of my clients, you have done a fantastic job, thank you.”

John JDW Fitness

“This was just what I needed for my bootcamps. My clients LOVE the cook book so much its unreal!”

Georgina Kickstart Training

You too could begin fixing your clients' food predicaments within days.


Seeing the face of your client who is amazed at how good the chicken curry
tastes and is so happy that she is "allowed to have it".

Or hearing the excitement in your client's voice as they tell you how
much they are enjoying your recipes.

Or when your client loses two stone "without even feeling like they
were on a diet".

It feels good to know that you've gone the extra mile for
your clients, and that you've given them the tools
that will enable them to succeed

  • No more repeating the same stuff all the time to different clients
  • A simple solution to your client nutrition quandaries
  • No more "what can I eat?" questions

Since 2012 Fitpro Recipes have been creating bespoke branded recipe books for Fitness Professionals.

Check Out Some Of The Unique Features That We Include In Your Recipe Book

  • A fully branded 100 recipe book...
  • Unique, eye catching front cover design with your logo...
  • 100 delicious, fully photographed recipes
  • Strict quality control...

Every Recipe Has To Pass 4 Tests:

  • Does it taste good?
  • Is it easy to make?
  • Is it highly nutritious?
  • Is it visually appealing?

Our recipes are developed with our qualified Nutritionist (BSc Nutri.)

By using scientifically substantiated information from nutrition and dietary
practice, we make it easy for you to improve your clients nutritional intake...

...promoting improved body
compositionstrength and overall health.

We want to give you the confidence and peace of mind that you are providing the correct guidance to your clients, and that the recipes are delicious and easy to make.

  • A welcome section to showcase your business and your results...
  • Full macronutrient breakdowns with every recipe...
  • Your logo and business details on every page...
  • Hyperlinks to recommended/affiliate products...
  • An educational section to help your clients to understand the impact nutrition and lifestyle has on their results and health...

Ready for you to start selling from your website.
Turnaround time 3-5 business days

  • Delivered to you as an ebook in PDF format
  • Print set up file included

With correct settings for having hard copies printed

"I'm looking forward to working with you personally to make sure your recipe book is everything you imagine it to be and more. Have a look at what my happy customers are saying about the level of service I provide, and how they are using their recipe books"

Naomi Carson
Naomi Carson Fitpro Recipes

Join The Hundreds of Personal Trainers and Coaches around the world who we've helped to create their own branded cookbook...


“My recipe book has already sold well over 100 copies now, so I’m very pleased, plus it makes my life very easy as a PT. Also, it looks very professional, and has created a lot of interest from non clients through word of mouth.”

Gareth G.J.P.T.

“As a business owner with limited time, I have found having my own recipe book incredibly useful. It has enhanced my business and helped my clients with their nutritional demands. Fitpro Recipe’s response times are always quick, despite the differences in time zones.”

Martin Empower Fitness

“I use the recipe books to add value. I give them to my clients as surprise gifts, rather than selling them.  My clients have been over the moon with them and even prefer them to free or additional sessions. I would recommend Fitpro Recipes to anyone and I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Ashley abc Fitness Academy

“The cook book is one of the best things I’ve done to enhance my business. I wanted to add value to what I do, not only for my current clients but for potential clients too. The response to the book has been great and I highly recommend it.”

Jon Ignite Fitness

“What a great and quick service. The recipe book has saved me hundreds of hours of time! Make the small investment in your business, you will not be disappointed.”

Ali Plymouth Health & Fitness

“I have been very impressed with the service and customer care received. The recipe book has been a huge hit with all my clients and has helped us generate several hundred pounds for our designated charity. We will be creating a second edition at the end of the year and look forward to working with Fitpro Recipes again.”

Carl Personal Best Studio

“I used my recipe book recently to raise money for a local charity. I generated 92 leads and I made £237.00 for the charity – a WIN WIN!! I got lots of media attention too, including an interview on the local radio station which I was really pleased with! I am now going to be offering the book for sale from my website to generate a passive income.”

Noelle Noelle Watson Fitness

“My clients are loving my recipe book. They use it all the time. I currently give out my recipe book printed with a nutrition manual as part of my Bootcamp package. I’m also planning on using the book to upsell leads onto my PT packages.”

Ellen Heatone Fitness

Join the ranks of smart Fitpro's who are streamlining their nutrition coaching and adding passive income streams to their businesses.

  • The easy way to hep improve your clients nutrition
  • Keep clients longer with more to offer them
  • Increase client referrals via word of mouth
  • Help your clients get results more easily
  • Save hours writing nutrition plans
  • Boost your reputation (even more)

Your clients will learn that they don’t have to eat bland, boring foods to get results. This will be a revelation and a life changing experience for them!

With your own recipe book you’ll save loads of time that you might otherwise be spending writing nutrition plans and trying to come up with recipes.

Your clients are getting results, enjoying your training and receiving great value from you. They’re going to stay with you, and tell their friends, so you'll get more referrals.

Most Personal Trainers don’t have the time to create their own recipe books. Having your own recipe book will position you as an authority (key to influencing clients & prospects).

Knowing that your recipe book was created by a team of dedicated experts, including a qualified Nutritionist, will give you confidence that your clients have the right guidance.

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I initially ordered 30 printed books which I sold within a week. Already ordered the second print batch!”

Carol Lifestyle Fitness Consultants

“I used my recipe book within my nutrition programme, to give my members plenty of recipe ideas. The members love it! The macros are all in there too, so they have everything they need to know.”

Kennard Cross Fit Leuven

“I run a bootcamp business, my members get the cook book as part of the package. The design and the recipes are brilliant. All the members love it! I looked at other products who offer something similar, and their products just don’t compare. I’d definitely recommend Alan and Naomi.”

Clare 121 Health & Fitness

“The cook book looked phenomenal. The turnaround was so, so quick. Naomi has done an amazing job. The recipes are easy to follow, with quick explanations. You look at the pictures and you wanna eat the recipes! The attention to detail is second to none. My bootcampers snapped these books up straightaway.”

Fin Fin Fitness

"I'm looking forward to working with you personally to make sure your recipe book is everything you imagine it to be and more. If you ever have any questions you can email me directly, I'm happy to help!"

Naomi Carson
Naomi Carson Fitpro Recipes

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