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  • A recipe e-book packed with delicious, healthy and easy to prepare recipes
  • An educational ebook to teach your clients how to eat on a budget
  • Calories, macros and MyFitnessPal barcodes included
  • Branded front covers with your logo and colours
  • Your logo and business details throughout both ebooks
  • Supplied to you as a high quality digital pdf
  • Available in UK / USA or Australian conversions

What's included...

Plus Bonuses!

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1 x 100 Recipe Ebook (Digital Pdf):

Here's exactly what you'll get in your branded recipe ebook...

✅ No editing or technical wizardry required!

✅ Fully customised with your business info and welcome pages

✅ Unlimited revisions by our professional design team – until you've given final approval

✅ A lifetime license to sell / share the resources with prospects and clients

Catering for different types of client...

For clients following specific diets, the three dietary indicators (below) are shown on the recipe pages, where relevant...

4 x Mini Recipe Ebooks (Digital Pdfs)...

All recipes are taken from the 100 recipe book

25 fat loss smoothies & snacks

25 fat loss breakfasts

25 fat loss lunches

25 fat loss dinners

100 x Royalty Free recipe images


10 x Social Media recipe images

High quality images to help you promote your recipe books, recipe videos and nutrition services...

✅ Use to promote your toolkit resources and nutrition services

✅ Eye-catching social media content - ready to post!


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16 x Recipe Videos

Choose one of the following formats - or a mixture of both!

Instagram recipe reels (1080 x 1920 ratio) 

Branded recipe videos (1280 x 720 ratio) 

Slick 'done-for-you' recipe demo videos – ready to post!

Rich content for your email campaigns, social posts, membership site, blogs... use in any way you wish!

Here's what's included...

✅ Build know, like and trust

✅ Stand out from the crowd

✅ Boost your authority

✅ Increase engagement

✅ Grow your audience

We'll also include...

Word Doc swipe files PLUS Royalty Free recipe images

✅ The written recipe, ready for you to paste into your social post

✅ Royalty free recipe image (jpeg) from each recipe video

Short and simple Instagram Reel video training

✅ For example, how to upload your Instagram Reel; how to find trending music

View video demo:

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2 x Educational Ebooks

Choose your favourite two articles from a wide range of samples...

Or we can choose the most requested topics for you!

✅ Wipe away client confusion with relevant evidence-based education

✅ Add heaps of value to your services and stand out from the crowd


Here's more information about the educational ebooks...

Everything you and your clients need to succeed!

We understand that time is of the essence for you and your busy clients!

These high quality nutrition resources will save you time, energy and stress...

Help you stand out in a crowded, noisy and confusing marketplace...

Give you more influence over your clients' results...

And the reassurance that your clients' nutrition needs are being taken care of.

These are valuable assets that will serve you for years to come...

Helping you build know, like and trust...

Get the best results for your clients...

And give you the confidence to charge appropriately for your services.

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That's not everything...

We will also include these special BONUS GIFTS...

1 x Coil-Bound Hard Copy of your 100 Recipe Book

✅ Showcase your 100 recipe book to in-person clients, friends and family

✅ Onboard new clients more easily



Promo Launch Pack

Also included in the Promo Launch Pack...

A prelaunch campaign step-by-step training!

Recoup your investment quickly AND get into profit...

...Without the stress of trying to figure it all out yourself!




Very soon you'll be helping your clients on their journey to better nutrition...

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Order now: £850

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Who are Fitpro Recipes?

Alan Carson is a former competitive bodybuilder and a certified Sports Nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN). Alan founded Fitpro Recipes with Naomi in 2012 after realising that nutrition was a common stumbling block for personal training clients.

A graphic designer and experienced chef with over 15 years experience working for world leading food and diet companies, Naomi Carson knows how to bring your recipe book to life.

"We have combined our knowledge and passion for food, fitness and design to bring our Fitpro Recipe products to you."


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