2-Year Business Asset Toolkit

Go the extra mile for your prospects and clients with a complete package of nutritional and educational support.

High Quality Recipes, Education and Social Media Assets, designed to save you heaps of time, energy and stress and make your client nutrition coaching effortless.

  • Stand out in a crowded, noisy and confusing marketplace
  • Acquire and retain more clients
  • Give clients amazing value

Or read on to find out exactly what's included...

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2-Year Business Asset Toolkit

Fully branded / customised to your business!

Here's what's included...

what's included in the ultimate bundle

  • 24 x Branded Recipe Ebook Pdfs (15 recipes in each)
  • 360 Royalty Free Recipe Images
  • 720 Social Media Recipe Images
  • 24 x Branded Educational Ebook Pdfs
  • 96 x Branded Recipe Demo Videos (landscape format)
  • 96 x Recipe Demo Reels (portrait format)
  • An unlimited license to resell the ebooks – no renewal fees
  • NEW - Unlimited design revisions for up to 30 days!

⭐️ No editing or technical wizardry required!

⭐️ Fully customised with your business info and welcome pages

⭐️ Unlimited revisions by our professional design team – until you've given final approval

⭐️ A lifetime license to sell / share the resources with prospects and clients

Here's EXACTLY What You'll Get When You Order The
2-Year Business Asset Toolkit...


24 x Branded Recipe Ebooks

15 delicious fat loss recipes in each ebook

  • A mixture of smoothies, snacks, breakfasts, lunches + dinners
  • Calories, macro breakdowns and My Fitness Pal barcodes
  • An ingredients image + finished dish image with every recipe
  • A mixture of meat, pescatarian, vegan and vegetarian dishes
  • Suitable for wheat, gluten and dairy free diets
  • Supplied to you as a digital ebook (pdf)

High quality recipes...

  • Created in-house by a qualified Sports Nutritionist and Chef
  • Professionally photographed recipes

Recipes available in UK metric, USA cups or Australian measures 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇦🇺

Check out a recipe book sample...

Here's How We'll Customise Your Recipe Ebooks...

Also included in this special Black Friday offer...


360 x Royalty Free Recipe Images


720 x Social Media Recipe Images

  • Supplied unbranded >> Customise them as you wish!
  • Perfect for social media, email campaigns and blogs
  • Use freely to promote your PT / nutrition services

24 x Branded Educational Ebooks

Choose your favourite articles from our library...
Or we can choose the most popular topics for you!

  • Wipe away confusion with relevant evidence-based education
  • A variety of 'hot topics' available - choose your favourites
  • Add heaps of value to your PT / Nutrition services
  • Become the 'go-to' authority in your area

Here's what's included in each educational ebook...

ebook example
  • Relevant evidence-based educational topics
  • All pages fully branded to your business
  • Professional front cover design
  • Each book supplied to you as a digital pdf
  • A lifetime resale license with no renewal fees

Check out an educational ebook sample...

Unlimited design revisions – for up to 30 days!

  • Your very own graphic designer at the fraction of the cost!
  • We'll carefully take on board any feedback from you.
  • We'll promptly send you the revised file(s).
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Or read on to see what else is included...

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96 x Recipe Demo Video mp4s (landscape format)


96 x Recipe Reel mp4s (portrait format)

Mp4 dimensions: 1280 x 720 (landscape) 1080 x 1920 (portrait)

  • Slick 'done-for-you' recipe demo videos – ready to use in any way you wish!
  • Overhead camera angle (hands only - no faces included!)
  • Suitable for all web platforms e.g. your website, social platforms
  • Mp4 dimensions: 1280 x 720 (landscape) 1080 x 1920 (portrait)
  • Word doc swipe files and finished recipe dish images included
  • Delicious, healthy, easy recipes with calories and macros included
  • Supplied ready-captioned

View a video demo here...

video placeholder




BONUS 1: Branded 100 Recipe Book


Branded 7 Day Meal Plan (5 calorie targets)

Real-world value: £210

Here's what's included...

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Choose one of the following Branded 100 Recipe Books...

  • Essentials Flagship: Healthy, Delicious, Fat Loss Recipes
  • Look. Learn. Cook: Healthy Fat Loss recipes – Video Recipe Demos included
  • Something for Everyone: Vegan, Plant-Based, Vegetarian, Pescatarian & Meat
  • Vegan: Healthy Vegan & Plant-Based recipes (minimally processed ingredients)
  • Protein Rich: Healthy, Delicious recipes for fat loss and muscle building
  • Inspire your clients and help them fall in love with healthy eating
  • A high value gift to give or sell to prospects, clients, friends and family
  • Use alongside our Promo Launch Pack to generate an income stream (see bonus section)
  • Sell as a digital download from your website

OR - Choose from one of our 7 Day Meal Plans below...

  • Each meal plan includes 5 calorie targets: 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200
  • Easy, delicious fat loss recipes to inspire your clients with healthy eating
  • Recipe images, calories, macros and MyFitnessPal barcodes included
  • A lifetime license to share/sell your ebooks!

View the Balanced Macro Meal Plan mini sample...


BONUS 2: Promo Launch Pack

Real-world value: £495

  • Mini teaser recipe book pdf (10 recipes)
  • 3D ebook graphic (with your branding)
  • Prewritten promo scripts (emails and social media)
  • 15 social media images (jpegs)
  • Post scheduler

Also included in the Promo Launch Pack...


A simple step-by-step training video to help you set up your promo launch campaign.

Helping you to recoup your investment quickly, and add an additional income stream...

Without the stress of having to figure it all out by yourself!


Check Out Jaine's Promo Launch Story...

client success story

The pre-launch went amazingly well… we sold 50 recipe books at a discounted pre-launch price of £19.99 (ebook and printed book bundle) and we’re still selling. Had to order more!

All in all we’ve sold 75 books so far.

It was with all your information and helpful templates that I was able to get the campaign up and running - systemised through my MIS system.

It worked a dream.. and the members love it!

Jaine | AbFabFitClub


BONUS 3: 30 Minute Marketing Consultation

Real-world value: £100

client success story

In this call, Kev, our head of marketing, will listen to what you've been doing so far to grow your business, and he'll give you some real-world advice which you can action straight after the call.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee Kev will be wearing tight lycra on the call 😆😆

Here's How Our Ordering Process Works...

  • Place your order and make payment
  • Send us your business details, logo etc via our customisation form
  • We send you a PDF version of your book within 2-4 business days
  • Email us to tell us if any changes are required
  • We will make any necessary changes to your book asap

2-Year Business Asset Toolkit

Very soon you'll be helping your clients on their journey to better nutrition!

But wait!

For the next few days - £849 GBP

Over 70% discount!

Order Now - £849 GBP

Klarna Pay In 3 available (subject to eligibility)

Email naomi@fitprorecipes.co.uk for more details

See What Our Clients Have To Say...

video placeholder
video placeholder
  • q-iconHow does the ordering process work?

    1. To place your order, click one of the payment buttons on this page.
    2. Once you’ve made payment, stay on the page and you’ll be redirected to a customisation form. If you miss this form, just email naomi@fitprorecipes.co.uk.
    3. We’ll send you a pdf proof within 5-10 working days.
    4. When you’re ready, send us your feedback and we will make any changes as soon as possible.
    5. When you are 100% happy with your ebook, we will supply you with the final ebook file (plus a print friendly file if required).
    6. When you are ready, we will order your recipe book hard copy (printed book). This will arrive within approximately 4 working days (UK mainland) or 14 working days (rest of world). Use the hard copy to showcase your recipe book to prospects and in-person clients.

  • q-iconAre the recipes free from processed foods?

    It depends on what you class as processed. Some examples of minimally processed foods we use are coconut flour, rice flour, tinned tomatoes, coconut milk and yoghurt. There is certainly no junk food!

  • q-iconAre the recipes free from wheat, sugar and alcohol?

    All recipes are Wheat and Alcohol Free. They are also free from refined sugar.

  • q-iconI’d like to place an order. What do you need from me?

    We will require the following items from you to get started:
    A good quality logo* (preferably jpeg, png, ai, eps or pdf); Website address; Social media page links; Telephone numberand business email address.
    *If you don’t have a logo we can design one for you at a very competitive rate.

  • q-iconAre the recipes dairy free?

    Most of our recipes are dairy free. In the majority of recipes where dairy is present, we will also recommend a dairy free substitute. For example dairy free yoghurt, which can be easily obtained in UK supermarkets and increasingly around the world.

  • q-iconAre the recipes gluten free?

    Most of our recipes are gluten free. In the majority of recipes where gluten is present, we will also recommend a gluten free substitute.

  • q-iconAre there any vegetarian recipes?

    There are plenty of meat free options in the Ultimate Bundle recipe books and video demo collection.

  • q-iconIn what ways can you customise my recipe book?

    Here are the most popular ways… Profile photos, photos of clients*, facility photos. Client testimonials* and before and after pictures*. Affiliate links to online stores e.g. food, drink, supplement products. Business page web links. e.g. facebook group, blog, youtube, fitness/nutrition programs. Client referral systems. We want you to make your recipe book as valuable as possible to your clients and to your business.
    *Please obtain permission from your client(s) before including their photos and name in your ebook.

  • q-iconAre there any extra charges or hidden costs?

    No. All of the recipe books shown on this page can be purchased via a one-time payment with no hidden fees or retainer fees.

  • q-iconAm I given full copyright of my book?

    We do not assign copyright to your book because if we did we wouldn’t be able to sell the same recipes to any other businesses. Instead we assign you a limited license which means you can sell your recipe book to your clients and / or the general public an unlimited number of times.

  • q-iconCan I swap out any of the recipes?

    Yes, you can swap up to 2 recipes in each of the 15 recipe books free of charge.

    Should you also choose the 100 recipe book, then you can swap up to 5 recipes free of charge.

    Any additional recipe swaps will be charged at £5.00 per recipe, to cover additional design time.

  • q-iconCan you change the design on the recipe pages to fit my brand?

    Yes, we can make lots of changes to our standard design so that it matches your brand guidelines. For example, your preferred choice of fonts, colours, etc. We can even  remove the coloured boxes behind the recipe titles / ingredients lists.

  • q-iconCan you change of the ingredients in the recipes to ones I recommend?

    Yes to an extent we can make changes to the ingredients.

    For example, if you wanted to swap honey for maple syrup, that’s a straightforward swap.

    If you wanted to remove an ingredient, eg protein powder, then we would need to recalculate the macros and calories, as well as generate a new barcode. Therefore, a swap similar to this may incur a small fee which we would agree on upfront.

2-Year Business Asset Toolkit

Very soon you'll be helping your clients on their journey to better nutrition!

But wait!

For the next few days - £849 GBP

Over 70% discount!

Order Now - £849 GBP

Klarna Pay In 3 available (subject to eligibility)

Email naomi@fitprorecipes.co.uk for more details