Discover how a Personal Trainer makes £469.53 in 2 days
without doing a single PT session

Do your clients associate healthy eating with bland, boring food?

Are your clients pushed for time and need quick, easy, tasty options?

Do your clients think they are missing out by making healthy choices?

Your clients don’t know how to flavour foods so that they taste great?


  • You’re spending too much time replying to your clients individually
  • You're going over the same stuff with client after client
  • Your clients are confused due to mixed messages from the media
  • Your clients skip meals because they don’t think they have time
  • Your clients' diets high in carbs and low in protein & healthy fats


Because these are the exact phrases clients use to describe their problems. 

We know this because we’ve conducted many surveys with both PT’s & clients,
and it’s these problems that come up time and time again.

Now, if you’re nodding your head, it’s because these problems are extremely common in the industry.

For clients who struggle to see the quick results that they want, it’s nearly always down to their diet, and not our training sessions and plans.


If you can relate to this problem, we have the solution.

Fitpro Recipes provides you with powerful tools that enable your clients to finally enjoy healthy eating and to empower them in the kitchen, a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Our fully branded recipe books solve your client nutrition dilemmas.

John, UK

"The cook book looks fantastic. I’ve had some awesome feedback about the recipes. It has answered the prayers of so many of my clients, you have done a fantastic job, thank you."

John, UK, JDW Fitness

 You too could begin fixing your clients' predicaments in days.

Imagine seeing the face of your client who is amazed at how good the chicken
curry tastes and is so happy that they are “allowed to have it”.

...Or hearing the excitement in your client’s voice as they tell you how much they are enjoying the recipes.
...Or when a client loses 2 stone “without even feeling like they were on a diet”?

How good will it feel to know that you’ve gone the extra mile for your clients,
knowing that you have given them a powerful tool that will enable them to succeed?

...No more “what can I eat” questions.
...No more repeating the same stuff all the time to different clients.

Just a simple solution to your clients' nutrition quandaries.

Since 2012 Fitpro Recipes have been creating bespoke branded recipe books for Fitness Professionals. With quick, easy and delicious recipes inside, these recipe books are going down a treat with clients.

Not only has this streamlined their nutrition coaching but it’s also added a significant passive income stream to their business.

Our recipes are developed with our accredited nutritionist (BSc Nutr).

By using scientifically substantiated information from nutrition and dietary practise,
we make it easy for you to improve your clients nutritional intake.

Improving your clients nutritional intake promotes improved body composition, strength and overall health.

Every recipe has to pass 3 tests:

  • Is the recipe highly nutritious?
  • Does it taste delicious?
  • Is it easy to make?

We do this to give you both confidence and peace of mind that you are providing the correct guidance to your clients, and that the recipes are also delicious and easy to make.