Want to know how to serve more clients... and serve them well...

Without adding to your workload?

Imagine this...

  • Your very own online programme that takes clients through the whole process of transforming their body
  • A programme that includes everything your clients need to succeed and get amazing results
  • A system that will allow you to stop spending hours in front of a computer and have more time off
  • The option to offer a bolt on group or 1:1 personal coaching and make this a high end offer

We are proud to introduce to you our biggest product YET!

The 12 Week Online Transformation Programme

A comprehensive body transformation training and nutrition programme
delivered through your very own membership website...

...all fully branded to your business.

Take a tour of our demo site...

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What's included:

  • 12 weeks of content (plus 1 week preparation), drip-fed to your clients in manageable amounts
  • Exercise guides - professionally photographed and filmed with male and female models
  • Tiered resistance training programmes - suitable for beginners and intermediate
  • Two distinct nutrition routes - macro-tracking or portion control approach
  • Education on mindset, supplements, resistance training and nutrition
  • A pre-written email autoresponder series to keep clients on track

email naomi@fitprorecipes.co.uk for more information

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  • Q.How many clients can I run through the programme at any one time?

    A.As many as you like, there is no maximum

  • Q.How soon can I have my website once I've paid the deposit?

    A.We will aim to turnaround your site within 7-14 business days. Should there be any delays we will let you know asap

  • Q.What are the costs involved?

    A.There is a one off fee – please email naomi@fitprorecipes.co.uk for the details. We can take split payments if preferred. We require full payment before you are ready to start running your clients through the site.

    Once your site is live, there is also a monthly subscription fee of £15.00 to cover hosting, video storage etc.

  • Q.What is the order process?

    A.Once you’ve paid your deposit, we will send you a checklist of items which we will need to get started on your website. Once we have these from you we will start work on your order.

    First, we will send you some logo options for you to give feedback on.

    Once approved we can brand up all of the content on your site. We will send you a front cover design of one of the pdfs from the website and ask for your feedback. Once approved, we will then apply the style across all pdf content.

    At this point we will also get to work creating the website.

    Logins will be provided to you as soon as possible so that you can view the website. If you need us to make any changes to the look and feel of the site at this stage we can do this free of charge.

    Once final approval has been made any further changes will be charged for. Alternatively you can follow our tutorial video to make the changes yourself.

  • Q.What do I go about arranging a restructure of the site?

    A.Should you require any changes to the structure of the site, please let us know before we start work on your site. Otherwise it may cost more to restructure the site at a later time. Full quotes for restructuring will be provided upfront.

  • Q.Can I make changes to the amount charged to the client on the sales page?

    A.Yes – any time you need this amending, please just let us know the new amount and we will adjust this for you, free of charge.

  • Q.What do I do if I am experiencing technical issues with the site?

    A.We hope that you wont experience any problems with the function of the site, however our web developers are on hand on week days to help with any issues. They will endeavour to fix any problems as quickly as possible.

  • Q.Can I install this on my existing Wordpress website?

    A.Yes you can but we would not recommend this as there is a risk of data corruption. Instead we recommend you keep it as a stand-alone website and allow us to host the site for you. You could still have a link from your main website to the membership site.

  • Q.Will I need to purchase anything else in order to run this product?

    A.We recommend you get an account set up with an email marketing software such as Get Response or A-weber so that we can also plug in the pre-written email series for the clients. A basic account which enables email automation is approximately £8 per month.

    You will also need to purchase a domain for the website which will usually cost just a few ££’s per year.