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  • q-iconI can't get my text file to upload

    The form does not accept Pages documents, so please convert the file to word or pdf before you upload it. If you watch the video above –  at 3:20 – you can see how this is done.

  • q-iconHow do the product pages work?

    We have already included a selection of products on these pages, including Coconut Oil, Coconut Flour, Tea, Store-cupboard items (e.g. Himalayan Sea Salt), Natural sweeteners (e.g. Stevia), Flaxseed. You can also add extra products of your own. Just send us the text description and an image. You can also include hyperlinks which take the reader to your online store.

  • q-iconWhat do the pre-written template pages look like?

    Please download the Welcome Page Template and Principles of Nutrition pdfs below. If you would like us to include them in your book just tick the box on the form. If you need us to make any changes to these pages, just let us know after you’ve received your pdf proof from us.

  • q-iconI don't have any testimonials from clients - does that matter?

    No it’s not essential. If you do include client photos, please make sure you get your client’s consent first.

  • q-iconWhat is a printer file?

    This is a separate file which is quite different to the ebook pdf. If you send the printer your ebook pdf, they will most likely reject the file. We can set the printer file up free of charge. It includes all the correct settings for the printer. If you would like us to arrange the printing of your recipe book, please email